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Jan 02

Membership Renewal Does Not Stop After Sending a Dues Renewal

Most non-profits still depend on membership dues as a primary source of income. Yet sending a dues invoice and/or reminder is not the end. I am not going to go into how an organization should be/have been in contact with its members throughout the year so it knows who is solid when it comes to …

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Aug 08


My neighbor recently commented on my backyard. “How do you get all those plants to grow and flower? Your backyard has so much color and you are already harvesting vegetables and spices. My garden is struggling. How do you it?” “Preparation,” I replied. “Preparation.” So if you want 10% membership growth or 95% membership retention …

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Apr 01


Engaging members after getting them to join or renew is one of the most asked questions by those trying to grow non-profits. “No one wants to get involved,” is the cry, “How do I get members involved?” ENGAGING MEMBERS When I am asked that question, I turn it around and say, “Why should anyone be …

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Sep 04

GETTING EVERYONE TO RENEW IN 2013 IS POSSIBLE. Have You Laid the Groundwork?

As many gardeners & landscapers know, the best time to plant grass is not in the cool temps of spring or in the heat of summer; but in that 4-6 week period of late August to the end of September. By preparing the ground, putting down mulch and fertilizer and spreading seed, the gentle rains …

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Oct 18

MEMBERSHIP GROWTH – Adding value to membership

Ask volunteer leaders and many will place membership growth high on their priority list.  But then ask them to describe their game plan for achieving that goal and few can point to any plan.  Non-profit leaders must realize that increasing the size of their organization just does not happen; it is something you have to …

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