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Oct 07


There are all sorts of books and articles out there detailing the characteristics to look for when seeking leaders for non-profits. They list such things as business savvy, previous volunteer involvement or service to the association. But few, if any, mention one that is an overlooked important harbinger of success.: Excellent association leaders are those …

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Nov 01


During these economic times, it is important to use everything in your association arsenal to improve membership renewals.  One thing to definitely use is a letter/memo with your annual dues notices. Nowadays, there is a mantra to keep communications to members short so only an invoice is sent with a short message on it.  But …

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Oct 18

MEMBERSHIP GROWTH – Adding value to membership

Ask volunteer leaders and many will place membership growth high on their priority list.  But then ask them to describe their game plan for achieving that goal and few can point to any plan.  Non-profit leaders must realize that increasing the size of their organization just does not happen; it is something you have to …

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