As we reach come close to the end of the calendar year, many people start thinking and talking about resolutions for the new year.

But how are you ending this year? Here are a few suggestions on how to do so in a positive way (with a tip of the hat to Leslie Allen for inspiration).

Of course, many are taking time off to enjoy the holidays, to be with family, and even to just unwind. But that does not mean your members and your customers are.

I am not suggesting that you have to be plugged in and connected 24/7. But what arrangements are you making for your absence?

  • * If someone tries to contact you during this time, will they know when you will be back?
  • * Are you giving them the name of someone they can contact if they have questions or problems that need resolution before your return?
  • * Are you cross training others in your organization to fill in?

The end of the year usually means that it is membership renewal time. Invoices have gone out and, hopefully, some responses are coming in.

  • * How about sending an internet card or note to remind your members to renew promptly?

* Instead of a Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanza card, make it Happy New Year card.

That way, when your members get back to the office after Jan 1st, there will be a creative and joyful reminder awaiting them instead of the usual dull static invoice.

Finally, as you get ready to take time off, are YOU looking ahead? What will you do when the new year arrives?

* Leave yourself a short list of things that need to be addressed upon your return.

* What are the top 3-5 things that you should be working on to get a jump start on the new year?

* But remember to write a list of things left undone as well. Who do you need to return a call or get a project complete or a proposal to?

These are not just tips to use at the end of the year, but any time you go away for an extended period of time, whether it is for work or for relaxation.

And yes, have a Happy New Year!

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