volunteeringLife is busy and busy people are generally involved with non-profits.  They like the challenges, the work and the people.  But they do not like being overwhelmed.  One thing that most people who volunteer or work with non-profits have in common is that there too much to do and not enough time.

Whether you are a volunteer or employee, there are simple things to do to help handle the madness.  Here are few that have worked for me:

  • Surround yourself with positive people.   Working with members is tiring and their problems and complaints can get you down.       If you have people who have a positive outlook toward life and work, you have a network with which you can rejuvenate.
  • Strive for getting it done, not getting it perfect.  There are only so many hours in the day and days in the week.   As much as we want that brochure or meeting or website to be  perfect, there are deadlines to meet.   Focus on getting things done in a timely fashion and then let go.
  • Focus on what you do well.   We all have special talents that put us head and shoulders above others.       Make sure you use them.  And for other things that you are not as good at, seek help from friends,      volunteers or hiring to complete.
  • Ask for help.  Working with associations is not a solo  job.  Don’t assume you will get assistance.  Reach out and request it especially for things that have a definite beginning and end.
  • Have a plan.   Doing a major fundraising event is daunting.  But when you break it down into pieces and lay them out in order, the work involved is easier to manage or recruit assistance.
  • Celebrate success.  Often those in associations are so busydoing that they don’t stop and look back to see what has been accomplished.  Take time to do that and enjoy what has been accomplished.

Stop overwhelming yourself.  Non-profit work is pleasant and rewarding.  But a balanced approach to it will make it and your life more enjoyable.

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