Who We Are

We believe that every non-profit, association, professional society and foundation deserves seasoned and certified headquarters or project management regardless of size or budget.

That is why Non-Profit Help has been working with National, Regional and State organizations which would benefit from such assistance since 1994. Let us help YOU reach your full potential.

The President & CEO of Non-Profit Help is Tom Osina CAE, IOM. His specialties include:

  • Moving low activity and small budgeted organizations into high performing and well financed non-profits.
  • Leading volunteer leaders into exceptional governance and development.
  • Researching previous trends and studying future developments to minimize economic downturns and capitalize on future opportunities.
  • Conducting strategic plans and discovering new niche of members.
  • Creating unique brands and marketing via social media.

Visit his Linkedin profile to learn more.

How Can We Help?